Australian Embassy Washington DC


The Australian Washington DC Embassy is the official government offices of the Commonwealth Australia to the United States of America that conducts various activities, while advising its citizens together with other nationalities on various issues on behave of the Australian government. Its Headquarters is based in Washington DC, the US capital City. However, there are other consulates in different states such as in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Chicago.
The Australian Washington DC Embassy performances the following major roles so that to reach its citizens and more than 70 other nationalities within the US:

Visa Processing
Anyone who is bound for Australia for official or personal visit, has the obvious responsibility; to have the valid traveling documents, in order to proof one’s personal identity as well as the country of origin. Therefore, as a foreigner with eligible passport in search for visa to Australia, it is required of you to pay a visit to the Australian Washington DC Embassy and adhere to the Australian government’s rules of obtaining the visa. There are different visas issued depending on your type visit or stay like working visa, student visa, immigrant visa, tourist or humanitarian visas. Fortunately, you can inquire all about the visas via its websites or use the available private service to facilitate the process.

Through the Australian Washington DC Embassy, you are able to apply for the full adult passport for the 18 years and over persons together with renewal of lost ones, but through going application procedures such as filling the application forms and attending to interview.
If applying for the passport online turns out to be complicated while in Washington DC, you can contact the Embassy in person in order for your matter appropriately addressed. If you pass out the tests and other necessary requirements, the passport support team will e-mail your pre-completed Australian Passport

Renewal Application Form.
Besides the adult passport issuance, you can also process child’s passport details like changing the child’s name, applying passport for children borne through surrogacy as well as preventing application for passport to your children. It is possible to expedite and track the progress of your passport from the Australian Washington DC Embassy.
Consular Helps
If you are traveling to other states from the Washington DC, it is best advised to visit or contact the Australian Washington DC Embassy for further details of its other consulates in the USA. The Australian Washington DC Embassy works around the clock to reach many people in other states through consular helps established in various states for instance offices in Honolulu, New York City etc. The consular helps provide relevant information to all native business individuals, tourists, students and potential foreign investors in the US.
If you are in the US with intentions of moving or establishing businesses in Australia, touring the single country continent, changing personal documents or searching for further clarification about Australia etc. make sure that you contact the Australian Washington DC Embassy or rather, its consulates in other states for more accurate and precise information and guidance.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 1601 Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington DC 20036, USA
  • Telephone: (202) 797 3000
  • Fax: (202) 797 3168
  • Online: