Australian Embassy Tokyo


Australia has one of world’s most established diplomatic services ranging from embassies to consulates in different cities in many countries. These embassies are mandated to serve both Australian citizens and even other citizens from other countries who wish to work, travel or study in Australia. Australian embassy Tokyo is one of the Australian embassies in Tokyo that is committed to serve anyone wishing to consult in terms of passport application, visas, consular helps and many more. The following is a breakdown of the Australian embassy Tokyo.

Visas Issued By Australian Embassy Tokyo.

The embassy of Australia in Japan provides the following types of visas for individuals from Japan.

  • Work visas: The Australian work visa program is mandated to encourage Japanese with capabilities and skills to move to Australia and enhance the workforce. These visas range from employer sponsored, business immigrants and skilled independent. They are only available for people between 18-45 years either permanently or temporarily. These visas are of different types, they include; working holiday visa, work and holiday visa, employer nomination visa, skilled independent visa among many others.
  • Travel visas: Japan pass holders may apply for Australian travel visa online through the Australian embassy Tokyo. These visas are available for tourists who wish to see their friends, relatives or conduct a business trip to Australia. There exist different categories of this type of visa like: short travel visa, ETA tourist visa, ETA business visitor visa, E visitor visa and all of them can be applied electronically.
  • Australian Family visas: This migration visa stream aims to unite people living in Japan with their relatives in Australia. The age limit for applicants is 18 years and must pass the family visa eligibility test. Different types of family visas exist including: spouse visa, parent visa-aged, parent visa-working age and prospective marriage visa.
  • Student visas: This is offered to Japanese students a chance to go and study in Australian universities. These visas are only given to Japanese students for a given period of time and after expiry,they can be renewed.

Passports Given By Australian Embassy Tokyo

The most common types of passports given by the Australian Tokyo embassy are:

  • Ordinary passport: This is the most issued passport and even children can be registered with the names of their parents. This means that it can serve as a family passport.
  • Official passport: This is only given to government employees in job related travel.
  • Emergency passport: When your passport gets stolen or lost, an emergency passport can be issued to Australian citizens in case of an abrupt need to travel.
  • Diplomatic passport: This is only issued to government officials as well as diplomats in job-related international travel.

Consular Help Given By Australian Embassy Tokyo.

  • Issue passports to Australian citizens as well as Japanese citizens.
  • Contact Australians who are arrested and inform their families.
  • Offer help during crises like natural disasters.
  • Provide consular travel advisories and warnings to Australians living or wishing to travel to Japan.
  • Provide advice and support to Australian citizens in case of accidents, deaths or serious illness.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 2-1-14 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8361, Japan
  • Telephone: 03-5232-4111
  • Online: