Australian Embassy Rome


The Australian Embassy in Italy is located in Rome. The main priorities of the Embassy are to advance relationship with Italy, to provide services for Australians in Italy, especially consular and passport services, and also to provide visa and other consular services for citizens of Italy who are seeking to visit, to study or to work Australia.

The Embassy in Rome provides several types of visas for the Italian citizens and those are: – Travel visa – for visiting Australia for a holiday you can apply electronically free of charge for a visa. Italians and also all passport holders of the European Union can apply online for a 3 month visitor visa. These is the simplest way to get a visa for your holiday.- Working holiday visa – these visa provides for citizens of Italy, aged between 18 – 30 years old, the opportunity to holiday and work in Australia for up to 2 years.

  • Work visa – 18 – 45 years old from Italy can apply for these visa and if approved, applicants can migrate and work in Australia permanently or temporarily. It is primarily intended for persons with specific skills and capabilities and some basic and special requirements are needed to get these visa.
  • Student visa – anyone who wish to study in Australia must have an appropriate student visa.
  • Family visa – citizens of Italy who hare partners, spouses, children or parents of Australian citizens can apply for family visa. There are a few types of family visa, such as: spouse visa, prospective marriage visa, parent visa and remaining relative visa.
  • Business visa – these visa provides people the opportunity of investing in Australia. Also is needed for establishing and managing any kind of business in Australia.
  • Retirement visa – these visa is temporary and it enables Italians who are retired to spend up to four years in Australia. Australian citizens who travel to Italy or who are for any other reason abroad, can expect from the Embassy in Rome all possible consular help. The most common case of providing help to Australian citizens is when one lost ones password. In that case visiting the Embassy in Rome is necessary.

Besides of replacement of travel documents, consular help can also include support and advice in some emergency cases, such as accidents, serious illness, or death. The Australian Embassy in Rome provide also help to victims of serious crime overseas, loans to travelers in some situations and so on. There is a wide range of services for Australian citizens when they find themselves in trouble during visiting Italy.
When doing business with Australia, the Embassy in Rome can be a source of many information needed before making business decisions, especially for legal information and contacts. The embassy in Rome has a special department for economic relations which is dedicated to improve business relations between the two countries.

Italy is a country which is part of the European Union and a thousands of miles far from Australia. Although the two countries have very close relationship and according to the 2011 census 916,116 Australians claimed Italian ancestry. Also 185,402 Australian residents have been born in Italy. Close to 1 Million Australians claimed that they were travelling to Italy.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: Via Antonio Bosio, 5, Rome, Italy
  • Telephone: 06 852 721
  • Fax: 06 8527 2300
  • Online: