Australian High Commission Ottawa


The Australian High Commission in Ottawa provides notarial, consular and passport services for most Canadian provinces, except for those in the GreatToronto Area, and British Columbia and Yukon areas, served by the Toronto and Vancouver Consulates, respectively, as well as Bermuda. It also provides consular and notarial services for Australians living in Canada. The High Commission also assists the Canadian government and media with information about Australia and Australian businesses. The High Commissioner is since 2012 Ms. Louise Hand, a woman with a long career with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She served in her career as Minister in Jakarta and Ambassador in Cambodia, and was earlier posted in Geneva and Vienna.

The High Commission in Ottawa works on business days from 8,30 am to 5 pm, with the exception of Friday, when it closes at 4.30 pm, both opening hours are in Eastern Times. The High Commission also closes for Public Holidays. If you’re an Australian with an Emergency Consular Service need, you’ll be urged to go to the Commission on business hours or contact Canberra directly by phone outside business hours.Australians travelling or migrating to Canada are advised to register with the Australian government first. You can access passports and notarial services by making an appointment only. Appointments are made by phone or email, where you should indicate your full name, the nature of your application, in as great detail as possible, and your contact number and take place during business hours. In some cases, appointments may be made outside business hours.

To lodge a passport application, you can go to the Australian High Commission in Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver, after finding the relevant documents and requirements in the Passport Office or online. If the supporting documents for the application aren’t in English, an official or approved translator will be appointed to the process. Passport fees are set and charged in Canadian dollars, and may be paid by credit card. Stolen or missing passports may be reported online. Applicants in the Southwest of Ontario, including Greater Toronto, should apply in the Toronto Office, and applicants in British Columbia and Yukon may lodge their applications with the Vancouver Consulate.

The High Commission also assists the applications for Visas to study (Student Visa, Training and Research Visa, Guardian Visa) or work (Temporary Work or Specialist Entry Visas) in Australia, and to migrate (Family and Skilled Migration, Permanent Visa) and return to Australia (Returning Resident Visa), as well as obtaining Australian Citizenship, namely Citizenship by Descent. Most forms and booklet about these matters can be found online, and may be subject to regular change, so the High Commission advises that you check online before making an appointment or visiting the office. The requirements for obtaining an Australian visa or Citizenship are fairly uniform throughout the world, and are as stipulated by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The process may, however, be subject to local rules from Canada or other territories involved, in the case of South American or Pacific Islands nationals, which in some cases can apply in the High Commission in Ottawa. All such inquiries should be directed to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, in their section in Ottawa, Canada.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: Suite 710-50 O’Connor St, Ottawa ON, K1P 6L2, Canada
  • Telephone: 613-236-0841
  • Fax: 613-216-1321
  • Online: