Australian High Commission New Delhi


The Australian High Commission in New Delhi is the headquarter of overseas diplomacy, business and other state related matters in India. Here is some information which might be helpful for Indian as well as Australian nationals living in India.

The Department of immigration and border protection at the high commission in Delhi process most visa application and some citizenship applications for citizens of India, Nepal and Bhutan. An individual can obtain the form and find out the application fee from the department’s website. One can find out about the documents required and the charges for different purpose of visit from the same website. The time taken by the high commission to process the visa differs according to the purpose of visit. For instance, it takes them 15 days (all the duration are mentioned considering working days only) on average to process visitor visas. If you are seeking medical treatment in Australia, you will need to wait for one month. Transit visas are processed in three days. Time taken to process student visa may vary according individual circumstances and the complexity of each case. The average time is about 90 days but it might take longer if your documentation is not complete.

The high commission can offer different services for Australian citizen living in India. The commission extends help to citizens even if they hold dual citizenship. In case of emergency, the high commission can issue emergency passport or travel documents. They can witness and certify signatures. They can provide you with a list of doctors and lawyers. They can help you during emergencies (for instance, during natural disasters like earthquake).

They cannot obtain work permit for you, store your luggage or pay pension. They cannot arrange or pay for your hospital, hotel, travel or other bills.

Australian citizens living in foreign countries need aware of the fact that once they have entered a foreign territory, they must abide by the laws of that country. If they break these laws, they are treated the same as any other citizen and do not obtain any special treatment. The consular can help them in limited number of ways. For example, they can visit you in jail if you are arrested and inform your family but cannot get you out of jail. They can provide you financial assistance in case of real emergencies but cannot fund your legal cost and fines. They cannot represent you at legal proceedings or give legal advice.

To renew a passport, an adult Australian citizen should fill the PC7 form. In case the passport to be renewed is lost, stolen or damage, an individual needs to fill and submit the PC7 form to get a new passport.
The PC8 form is for minor’s or people who have changed their name(for example, name change through marriage). Minor’s should fill this form if they want to get their first passport or renew their passport.

The theft or loss of a current passport should be reported to the high commission in New Delhi or consulate general in Chennai or Mumbai. After obtaining an official lost passport report from local police station, you can complete and submit the PC8 form. To obtain a new passport applicants should attend an interview, pay additional fee and fulfill all the requirement enlisted in the application. After obtaining a new passport, you need to apply for a new Indian visa.

In case of child born in a foreign country, he/she needs to obtain a Australian citizenship before applying for Australian passport. A child cannot be added to their parent’s passport, they need to have their individual passport.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 1/50 G Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India
  • Telephone: +91-11-4139 9900
  • Fax: +91-11-4149 4490
  • Online: