Australian Embassy Manila


The Australian Embassy in Manila is meant to assist Australian visitors who are just arriving to Manila or are planning to visit Manila. They offer a wide variety of services. If you are visiting Manila from Australia you may want to visit the embassy if your looking for information about visas, passports, or consular help.

The embassy in Manila has some specific services such as providing Australian residents with prompt information regarding medical care and emergencies.The embassy can also arrange a safe evacuation in the event of a natural disaster or war. So if you are planning to visit Manila you should register your visit with the embassy so the embassy can attempt to contact you in the event of an emergency. In the event that an Australian resident is injured or becomes seriously ill the embassy can assist in contacting a next of kin. The embassy can assist in the event there has been an arrest by assuring that all proper laws of Manila are followed and the visitor is treated fairly. If an Australian visitor has lost their passport the Embassy can assist with replacing the passport at the cost of the visitor. The embassy can also provide loans to Australian visitors in the event of an emergency however the visitor may have to turn in their passport until the debt is paid. When it comes to documentation the embassy can provide notary services such as witness signatures and document authentication.

The embassy can provide a lot of services to Australian visitors in Manila but they can not intervene court proceedings or provide legal advice. They can however provide a list of attorneys who can. They are also not able to investigate crimes or deaths that involve Australian residents in Manila. They can assist in arranging search and rescue but can not provide these services themselves. They will not pay your bail, fines, or medical expenses. They do not provide translation services. They also can not intervene with any customs arrests or requirements. The embassy is not meant to pay any hotel fees. They will not pay your social security or pension benefits. They will not provide security detail to a visitor from Australia. They are not responsible for the return of any personal property.

The citizens of Manila can also use the Australian embassy for visa services. In the event a Manila resident would like to visit Australia they are able to obtain a specific type of visa depending on their needs or wants. One visa available to Manila residents is a work visa. The work visa is provided to residents of Manila who apply and meets the requirements. The work visa allows Manila residents to work temporarily or permanently in Australia. Another visa that is available is the travel visa. The travel visa is required for all residents of Manila who wish to visit Australia. Those residents must apply and meet certain qualifications before being granted a travel visa. Another type of visa available is a student visa. The student visa allows Manila residents to study in a school located in Australia. Lastly the family visa allows Manila residents who are related to an Australian resident to relocate to Australia. Approved relatives for a family visa includes a spouse, child, sibling, partners, and parents to an Australian resident.

In conclusion the Australian Embassy Manila can provide many services to the Australians visitors of Manila. As with any country however the embassy is only allowed to do so much. For the things they can not directly help you with they make up for by pointing you in the right direction.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: Level 23-Tower 2 RCBC Plaza 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, 1200, Philippines
  • Telephone: 757 8100
  • Fax: 757 8268
  • Online: