Australian Embassy Jakarta


Looking to relocate to Australia from Indonesia? Then you may want to visit the Australian Embassy Jakarta hosts. Whether your vision is to study, work or live in this great nation, the Embassy will provide you with every piece of advice you need. Additionally, this embassy is the main channel of communication between Australia and Indonesia. Read on to find out more about the visas available at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta:

Citizenship and Visas

The Embassy has a number of departments. One of these, the Immigration Section, deals with immigration issues. This Section will help you if you need:

  • To apply for a visa to Australia from Indonesia
  • General information on application to be an Australian citizen
  • Info on every visa category
  • Finding the best visa for your particular situation
  • Information booklets
  • Application forms
  • Getting a visa labels printed on your passport
  • Adoption in Indonesia and Australia
  • Holiday and Work visas for Indonesians migrating to Australian
  • Others

Additionally, the Migration Section provides various online information sources including eHealth (an online system that records your health results) and eVisa (designed for student applicants).

Visa Processing

The Australian Embassy in Jakarta also processes visas for Indonesians. After you apply and submit all your documents, an official will get in touch with you about the status of your application. Alternatively, you can check the advertised processing standards. You are advised to do this before you contact the Embassy visa processing office.


Before you travel to Australia, it is imperative that you obtain a travel authority or a visa from the Australian Embassy Jakarta hosts. This is irrespective of whether your travel is for business or touristic purposes. Only New Zealanders are exempted from this rule.


The Embassy also facilitates and promotes tourism among non- Australians living in Indonesia. Where possible, you are advised to plan your trip and research on different websites to find out everything you need to know about the various planning tools and available travel information.

Refund Scheme for Tourists

Unlike most other embassies, the Australian Embassy in Indonesia has a Tourist Refund Scheme designed to assist foreigners touring Australia. The Scheme is designed to make it easier for you to claim refunds (which are subject to a number of conditions) of the GST (goods and services tax) and the WET (wine equalisation tax) levied on goods bought in Australia.

Are you a New Arrival?

If you recently got to Australia from Indonesia, you can also contact the Embassy for more information. The Embassy will advice you on most matters including issues on health, citizenship, settlement assistance, working conditions, buying a new home in Australia among others.

Quarantine and Customs

The Australian Embassy Jakarta hosts liaises with other bodies to manage Australian security. If you need to move some cargo in or out this country, you may be required to get in touch with the Embassy for redirection to the relevant authority.

Overall, this Embassy has just about anything you require for an easier transition to life in Australia.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav C 15-16, Jakarta Selatan 12940, Indonesia
  • Telephone: 2550 5555
  • Fax: 2550 5467
  • Online: