Australian Embassy Hanoi


The Australian Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam has been in operation for the last 40 yrs, it serves many functions such as representing Australia’s developmental policies in the region and helping locals easily access visas and passports in case they’re interested in visiting the ‘the continent down under.’

How to apply for a Visa

One needs to visit the Hanoi Embassy in person. Their offices are open during normal office hours but there’s need for making early appointments, anyone is welcome so long as they have a legit query at hand. The staff would provide you with application forms and other documents that should be filled with accurate information, in case the candidate tries cheating and is caught then their request would be terminated with immediate effect.

Students applying for this travel document would be required to meet with Australia’s public health standards. A mandatory medical examination shall be performed and the results validated before one is considered for the visa. To avoid unnecessary delays, it’s advisable that students should complete their health tests before lodging applications for the important document. This can easily be done with help from a new office that was launched under the consulate. The agency is known as My Health Declaration center. It allows people to complete health examinations in a few days through an efficient eMedical technology system.

Applicants should remember to carry identity cards which would be used to verify information filled in the official forms. Slight inaccuracies only mean that processing may take longer than usual. Those with special needs are requested to lodge their issues with the appointments representative for immediate assistance.

Tips for acquiring a Passport 

The passport document is very important when travelling to Australia. Foreigners may occasionally produce them to police and other state officials for identity purposes. Apart from helping locals get new passports, the embassy also assist those who have lost or misplaced them get new ones. Nevertheless, local authorities should determine the legitimacy of your request before the pass is given.

Those who have their credentials stolen must first report their case to the cops. They would be given official abstracts which can be presented to the embassy as proof for getting a new one. Australian citizens living in Hanoi may as well file for this document in case they misplace them. Working in collaboration with Vietnam’s Immigration Department, the embassy is only mandated to replace lost passports which have been reported to the police office.

To file for an emergency travel document, bring two duplicate photos, birth certificate and other personal details requested by the consulate. You will also be needed to complete a special file known as Form PC8. In most cases, emergency passports only take a single working day for complete processing so long as all pre-requisites are met by the applicant. One should also remember to carry some small application fee since this service is not free, this amount can only be paid with the Vietnamese Dong currency and no other denomination. Moreover, checks and credit cards aren’t accepted by the consulate. For more information on the Australian Embassy Hanoi services you can visit their official website.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 8 Dao Tan Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Telephone: 3774 0100
  • Fax: 3774 0111
  • Online: