Australian Embassy Fiji


Apart from offering diplomatic relationship between Australia and Fiji, Australia embassy also helps the residents of these countries to travel between these countries. For the citizen of Fiji or Australians in Fiji, you can visit the embassy to get variety of services such as;

Visa application

You are required to have visa for you to travel to Australia. There are different visas available in the embassy that are supposed to serve different needs of the travelers, such as;

Visitors’ visa- this is also called tourist visa, it is granted to people visiting Australia for holiday, social and recreational purposes. It is also given to people who wish to visit their friend or family members.

Study in Australia visa- this visa is offered to encourage exchange of knowledge among these countries. It is offered to student or researchers who want to study or undertake their research in Australia.

Work in Australia visa. This visa is given to people who want to further their career in Australia. It is also meant for people who wish to establish business in this country. For seasonal worker, they are supposed to apply for this visa.

Australia migration visa. It is given to people who want to establish permanent residence in Australia.

You will be charged application fee to obtain visa. The fee varies from time to time and Australian dollar is the currency that as a standard currency. The payment is usually paid in deposits, the first deposit is made when applying for visa while the second deposit is made once you obtain visa.

If you wish to travel to Australia for less than 3 months, you can apply online visa, you will be required to provide your details, you can also visit embassy for faster processing of your card and to get more information on visa application.


Passport acquisition

For your to be allowed to travel to Australia, you require a passport. It should be signed by the Fiji authority to certify that you are allowed to travel to Australia. The embassy will assist in providing information on what is required to be granted passport. Some of requirements are;

-atleast 2 recent colored passport,

-national identity card,

-a note from Fiji authority indicating you are free to travel.


The embassy will offer consular assistance such as;

Replacement of travelling document. If you have lost your documents, damaged or they have been stolen, you are required to report to the embassy as soon as possible. They will help you in replacing your documents.

Help in crisis. Australian embassy in Fiji will help its citizen in difficult times such as war, civil unrest and natural disaster such as earthquake and floods. They can be evacuated to a safe place or to Australia.

The embassy may also help Australian citizens who may be stranded in Fiji, they can help in payment flight charges to Australia.

Looking for job. If you are looking for a job in Australia or Fiji, the embassy will assist you.

If you are facing crimes or you have been hospitalized in Fiji, the embassy will inform your family members. Also in case of death, they will inform your family members.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 37 Princes Rd, TAMAVUA, Suva, Fiji
  • Telephone: 338 2211
  • Fax: 338 2065
  • Online: