Australian Embassy Dublin


Australian Embassy in Dublin written by: Bevell The friendly relationship between Australia and Ireland started back in 1946 in Dublin when the Australian Government created the diplomatic representation there. The embassy was fully completed in 1964 and it has only positive goals.

The whole purpose of Australian Embassy Dublin is to advance and improve the relationship between the two countries, to promote economic interests of Australia in Ireland, to help the Australians in Ireland with passport services and with consular, to promote the Australia’s culture and trade policy via many activities and to provide services for both parliamentary and governmental activities.

The embassy is open and ready to help you out with any request from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

In order to get the passport for the first time, you have to make an appointment for interview which is always held between 9am and 12pm. Current waiting period for an interview is six to seven weeks. It is advised not to book your travel before everything has been confirmed. If child needs passport, one parent or person with parental responsibility needs to attend the interview. You have to attend the interview only if this is your first time getting the passport (even if you held one as a child it doesn’t count, you also need to attent the interview if you need to replace passport which expired more than two years ago or passport which was lost, stolen or seriously damaged, or the replacement of emergency passport or other validity document, your attendance is required if name change has happened, or if this passport will be your first one since resuming the Australian citizenship). Since 1 January 2011, if you only need to renew your passport, you can do it via mail as well, interview is not necessary.

Visa or citizenship applications are not processed by the Australian Embassy in Dublin. Instead, this process is done electronically by the online “eVisa” service, or it can also be done by processing centres in Australia or by immigration office in London UK, at the Australian High Commission. However, if you posses passport from one of the following countries, you are free to apply to get a visa and visit Australia for your holiday: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City or European Union (nothing will be charged for this application).

Australian Embassy Dublin is offering you consular service as well. Embassy will do everything within the limits created by the laws of Ireland in order to protect the interests of citizens and residents of Australia in Ireland. Consular assistance and advices will be provided in situations similar to: imprisonment and arrests, welfare and whereabouts, legalization of documents, Australian Federal and state elections, legalization of documents, passport issue and renewal, assistance will always be provided in the case of any accident, serious illness, death, during emergencies and natural disasters. All Australians who require consular service are free to come to embassy from Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm and solve the matter regarding the case.

Since the opening of the embassy, relationship between Australia and Ireland has been improving constantly, today these two countries are great friends and needs of Australian people in Ireland are secured.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 7th Floor, Fitzwilton House, Wilton Terrace, Dublin, Ireland
  • Telephone: +353 1 664 5300
  • Fax: +353 1 662 3566
  • Online: