Australian High Commission Dhaka


Australian high commission in Bangladesh is established to link the two countries and provide a means by which the two countries can relate. The embassy is located in Dhaka city of Bangladesh which is the major city of that country and also the larger South Asia. The embassy upon many international links between the two governments is also responsible of activities such as, issuing of visa and travel documents, international business link between Australia, Bangladesh and the wider Southern Asia countries. If you wish to travel to Australia you don’t have to use short cuts which will lead to your deportation and loss of property. You just have to walk in to the embassy and follow the legal procedure to ensure your safe stay in Australia.

Embassy in Dhaka is responsible for processing visas, travel documents, passports, and education travel documents. There is variety of visas to visitors of Australia which include citizenship visa, work visa, business visa, education and study visa, holiday visa and many more services associated to application and processing of visas. The visas are available to the citizens of Bangladesh those of whom meet the legal requirements and complete the required procedure successfully. The procedure is simple and well guided by the embassy’s staff employed for customer assistance. The cost of acquiring a visa has been revised currently to ensure efficient services and quick processing of the documents.

The embassy is also responsible for the processing of passport and travel documents. These services are available in the department of foreign affairs and trade. Passport application is guided by a well-defined procedure which starts from meeting the eligibility requirements, passport fee, and interview. The process is simple and well guided step by step for easy and convenient application. The passport is processed with the required speed in this embassy to avoid delays in clients travel arrangements. On top of issuing passports and visa the embassy offers travel advices to those willing to travel from Bangladesh to Australia and also to Australian citizens wishing to travel to Bangladesh.

In addition Australian embassy in Dhaka provides consular services. These are services important in the support of the client’s life in another country. For instance the embassy provides information of the best local hospitals available in both Australia and Bangladesh. The embassy is also responsible for providing information on the state of the country to the visitors. In case of unnatural occurrence such as war, the embassy is responsible for evacuation. The Australian high commission in Dhaka also assists people to get into contact with their relatives in the other country, also assists in cases of missing persons in the foreign country. The embassy also assists in contacting the Australian authorities in event of security issues.

Australian high commission in Dhaka is committed to provide all these services as mandated to it by both Australian government and the Bangladesh government for convenient international relations between the two countries. The embassy is also committed to providing information necessary to the support of your stay in either Australia or Bangladesh.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 184 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2
  • Telephone: 881 3105
  • Fax: 881 1125
  • Online: