Australian Embassy Cairo


Australian Embassy in Cairo is responsible for Australian relation with Egypt, Sudan, Syria and Eritrea. It serves citizens of these 4 countries who what to travel to Australia.

There is wide array of services that you can get from this embassy if you wish to travel to Australia from these countries. Some of the services include.

Visa application. You can apply for visa according to your need, some of the visas include.

Visiting Australia– if you wish to tour Australia, you can apply for the visa, you will be required to fill the visiting form. This also applies to people who may be visiting friends or family.

Studying in Australia for those who want to study or do research in Australia, they are supposed to apply for study visa to Australia. Students’ visas are temporal and will expire once the time stated elapses.

Working in Australia. For those who want to establish business in Australia, or skilled professionals such as doctors and nurses among others, you need to obtain working visa before leaving the country. Seasonal workers are also supposed to apply for this visa.

Migrating to Australia. If you wish to permanently reside in Australia, you are supposed to get migrating visa.

You are supposed to pay visa application fee, this varies from time to time. All payment are supposed be done in Australian dollar. It is usually paid in instalments, the first instalment is done when application is made, and the second is made once visa is granted. You can also find more information by visiting Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia embassy in Cairo.



The embassy will also check the validity and confirm your passport before leaving for Australia. Your passport should have.

– Atleast 2 colored recent photos taken not more than 6 months ago.

– Your original names as it appears in your national identity.

– Date of birth.

– Nationality.

Passport should be contain a note from either of the four countries requesting you be permitted to Australia. This helps to curb terrorism and drug trafficking cases.

Most Australian passport are valid for 10 year for adults and five years for children, it is good to ensure you renew your passport atleast five months before expiry date.


You will also get Consular assistance in Australian Embassy in Cairo, some of the services include

-Replacement of travelling document. If you have lost your travelling document, they will get replaced, thus you can proceed with your journey.

– You may have problem with your fare, the embassy will help you to raise it, if your condition proves that you require help.

-If you are Australian citizen and you are facing threats from government of these countries, you can get help from the embassy.

-You will be provided with contact of the places you can be accommodated or live in case you are a new visitor to Australia.

– Employment. If you are looking for employment in Australia, the embassy will help you to look for potential and people who can employ you.

– The embassy will also help during emergencies such as civil turbulence and natural catastrophes such as floods and earth quick.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 11th Floor, World Trade Center, 1191 Corniche El-Nil, Boulak, Cairo
  • Telephone: +20 2 2770 6600
  • Fax: +20 2 2770 6650
  • Online: