Australian Embassy Brussels


Australian Embassy Brussels is a mission abroad that is bilateral and promotes the interests of Australia abroad. The embassy also plays a role which is very important in cultural affairs, contact with press of Belgium and development. The activities and operations of all embassies of Australia are always coordinated from Foreign Affairs Ministries.

The other role of the embassy is promoting the relationship of Australia with Belgium, European Union, Luxembourg and NATO.

The services offered by the Consular of Australia Embassy

The department of consular of the Australia embassy Brussels provides consular assistance. The department generally offers important services for visitors who are coming from Belgium to Australia and also for the citizens of Australia who are in Belgium. The services offered generally comprises of visa application, marriage registration, passport renewals, legalizations of important documents, issues of Australian nationality and many more. The consular department can be contacted directly by email or telephone.

Visa and travel documents for Australia

In case an individual loses his or her Australian passport while in Belgium or need to be issued with a passport for the first time, he or she can directly contact the Australian embassy Brussels by email or telephone in order to get assistance. And individual can be informed on the procedures to be followed when he or she is applying for Australia visa or other documents for travelling by the embassy of Australia in Brussels.

For all the matters which are related to the Australia visa and also if an individual needs to check whether he or she requires a visa in order to go for a touring visit or even a visit for business purposes in Australia .all the information which is necessary concerning the process of applying for visa is always provided at the Australian embassy Brussels.

The Australian embassy Brussels which is found in Belgium doesn’t process citizenship or visa applications. For the clients who are residing in Luxembourg or Belgium, processing of visas is electronically undertaken through the ��eVisa’ which is an online service or by centers for processing which are found in Australia or by the office of immigration at the embassy of Australian found in Spain.

The Australian embassy in Brussels offers various types of visas based on what an individual is going to do while in Australia and the purpose of visit. The two major types of visas include visas for working holidays and tourist visas.

There are things which are very important for an individual to know before he or she applies for, or to be granted a visa for Australia. The individual must apply for the correct visa type, application requirements, and the obligations while still in Australia and complying with the conditions which are provided in the visa.

Tourist visa

This type of visa is for those people who want to visit Australia for sightseeing, recreational or social reasons, visiting relatives, friends, and other non-work purpose which are short term or a holiday.

Visa for working holiday

The work and holiday and working holiday programs are for encouraging closer ties and exchange of cultures between the countries in arrangement by allowing people who are young to have an extended holiday which is supplemented by employment which is short-term.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: Avenue des Arts/Kunstlaan 56, Brussels 1000, Belgium
  • Telephone: +32 (0) 2 286 0500
  • Fax: +32 (0) 2 286 0576
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online: