Australian Embassy Beijing


The Australian embassy is one of the busiest embassies in Beijing city, China offering several services for both Australians and the Chinese people such as visas and citizenship processing, travelling to Australia, Australia-China relationships, studying in Australia and general information about Australia, her culture and community events. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

The Visa processing is one of the most elaborate services offered by the Australian embassy. The Australian Visa Application Center (AVAC) controls all the visa operations. There are several visa options offered by AVAC including visiting, working, studying, living or returning to Australia.

Various visa options and streams There are several visa options and streams for visiting, working,studying or living in Australia as well as returning to Australia. They include tourist visa, medical treatment visa for long stay or short stay, electronic travel authority visa for visitor and business, business visa, sponsored business visitor visa, temporary work visa and visitor visa, to mention a few. Tourist stream, business visitor stream and ADS stream are also available.

Filling and submitting visa application forms The application forms change thrice a year to reflect various modifications and updates. the forms are numerically and alphabetically listed for easy referencing and they are also available in various languages. There are various forms and booklets that guide applicants on filling the application forms. Application can be done in person, or through a courier/mail at the AVAC or the Australian Consulate-General depending on the applicants residence, and the type of visa . Applications can also be done online through a certified e visa agent.The AVAC works hand in hand with the Department of Immigration and Border protection to verify the application forms.

Visa Application Charges and payment methods – The application charges change frequently, but on average, RMB 175 is required by AVAC as a service fee per application and RMB 50 return courier charge per passport or application.There are also delivery charges that differ depending on the application method. The payments can be in cash or in UnionPay credit or debit cards ( in Chinese Yuan (RMB))

Processing TimesComplete applications take considerably little time to be processed but if applications are incomplete or they are submitted to the wrong address, the processing will take some time. the processing time depends on the visa type, for instance the transit visa is processed in only 10 working days.

The general requirements of applying for a visa are numerous, including character requirements, health insurance, medical examinations, supporting documents, verification checks and visa Labels. The list is long. Visa labels are no longer required as evidence for holding a visa but a person can request to have them.

The process may be more complicated in some cases,and getting assistance from the embassy is unavailable.Consular helpFor any advice or assistance, Australians can visit the consulate within their reach visit the consular office.The Ambassador (H.E.Dr. Geoffrey William Raby) provides access to several services for Australian citizens in China including
-Travel advice.
-Issuing emergency passports whenever a passport is stolen or lost-Financial assistance during emergencies-providing help in case of natural disasters,accidents or civil disorders
-Communicating with ones next of kin whenever an accident or a misfortune occurs

Passports A passport is definitely needed whenever one is applying for a visa and once the information on the passport has been verified, the passport is returned to the applicant through EMS or the person concerned can pick it from the offices without an appointment.A passport may be stolen or lost in which case a person should:- Report to the consulates or the embassy – acquire a valid Lost Passport Report -Apply for Australian passport immediately as a replacement. Indeed, Australian Embassy Beijing is really organised in the delivery of services to the people.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 21 Dongzhimenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
  • Telephone: 5140 4111
  • Fax: 5140 4204
  • Online: