Australian Embassy Bangkok


Australian embassy is a place where visa, passport and other traveling requirements are provided. The staffs at the embassy require you to avail yourself in person in order to provide authentic information before the processing of your documents commences. Once you provide the requirements and everything is acknowledged, it will take the embassy 10 working days for the visa and the passport to be ready for use.

Visa application at the Australian embassy is open to all except the refugees and the humanitarian entry. This takes place at the Australian visa application center in Thailand. For this process to be complete a fee is charged for the service and in addition to that a scheduled fee is also charged by the Australian government for application.

In Australian embassy in Bangkok they offer different types of visas like the tourist visa for the ones who go for touring only, the business visas for the business ventures, the temporary visas for those who are on a short job contracts, and the transit visas for those who keep their businesses on the move, and many more according to your requirements.

The Australian embassy also provides services like advices and assistance to the Australian citizens in need in Thailand. Perform national services e.g. witnessing the signing of the documents by a citizen. They also process the application of Australian passport and in case a client needs consular services he/she is directed to the Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade Smart Travelers where those services are provided.

Other services provided by the Australia embassy in Bangkok include:

1. Issuance of emergency passport

2. Provide advices and support in case of accidents, illnesses and death,

3. Provide local doctors to the sick but cannot provide medication, lawyers to those involved in crime cases, and translators to those with a language barrier.

4. Provide help during crisis to the level they can manage.

5. To the persons involved in crime, they visit or contact the family to inform them of the situation.

6. They also contact a relative or a friend of an Australian and ask for assistance with money or ticket.

7. They also witness or authenticate signature and provide notarial services.

The Australian embassy in Bangkok does not pay for hotels, pay pension, provide photocopy or telephone services or does not get a citizen out of jail or act as a bank agent.

The Australian embassy in Bangkok also has online registration for overseas persons. Once the client have provided the required information, the rest is done by the embassy and the client will be in a position to get his visas or passport on line and his business continues without any interruptions thanks to the online services by the Australian embassy. Thus any time you need to apply for visa, passport , you need advice while traveling, wants to register your wedding in Thailand, or you need a new born baby passport contact the Australian embassy in Bangkok and your will truly enjoy the service since you will receive the best.


Address and Contacts

  • Address: 37 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Telephone: 02 344 6300
  • Fax: 02 344 6593
  • Online: